The Arshama Letters from the Bodleian Library (eds. C. J. Tuplin, J. Ma).

This multi-parted, multi-authored work is a preliminary presentation of some of the findings and activities of the AHRC-funded Research Network which explored the documents relating to the Persian satrap of Egypt, Arshama. This work should be considered as a forerunner of, or taster for, the forthcoming volume Arshama and Egypt: The World of an Achaemenid Prince (OUP). All parts can be freely downloaded for research and instruction purposes, and full citation of the editors and authors should be given.


Vol. 1  Introduction, rev. ed. (J. Ma, C. J. Tuplin, L. Allen)

Vol. 2  Texts and English translations (paired) with glossary (D. G. K. Taylor)

(This volume can also be downloaded as separate parts, in a slightly older version: textstranslationglossary).

Vol. 3 Commentary, rev. ed. (C. J. Tuplin)

Vol. 4  Abbreviations and bibliography



Readers wishing to refresh their Achaemenid Aramaic, or acquire a basic reading knowledge of the language, might visit the Arshama project’s language learning page.

The authors thank the AHRC, the Bodleian Library, Oxford University, and Corpus Christi College, Oxford, for support during the original Arshama project in 2010 and 2011. Since then, the Bodleian library has given new impulse to the project, in collaboration with Jonathan Stökl; Pip Willcox’s assistance and Gillian Evison’s enthusiastic support have proved invaluable.

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